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robyn igelman, Phd

Therapy Services

Alcohol & Marijuana Addiction


Do you feel like your drinking or marijuana use is becoming risky or creating problems for you or your family? Are you considering cutting down or quitting but you’re not sure where to start? It’s not always easy to change and finding a psychologist who is skilled in the most effective strategies associated with successfully cutting down or quitting can help. Through the use of cognitive-behavior therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness practice, I offer step by step guidance to help you decide how much you will drink or use and then get you to your goal in the short- and long-term, even if that means quitting completely.

Loss, Trauma & PTSD


Many individuals experience difficulties after a loss or traumatic event. Anxiety, fear, depression and hopelessness are a few emotions that individuals experience. Through Beach Walk Talk, I can help you overcome these difficult emotions using evidence-based techniques to guide you through the process of grief and healing. Regain hope for your future. Feel more positive, confident, secure, and motivated to move forward. Find happiness, joy and a sense of purpose in life.



Our relationships with others are of great importance in our lives. Relationship coaching can be beneficial to those who are looking to strengthen their emotional connections in all stages of interpersonal relationship development. Sessions may be held with two or more individuals at the same time. I create a supportive space where you can discuss issues and solutions to strengthen your communication with others and feel more positively about your most important relationships.

For High Achieving Professionals


Those who are the most successful can also feel insecure, anxious, and unsure about their choices and next steps in life and career. High-achievers can experience intense self-doubt, question professional and personal decisions, and feel overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of their day to day lives. They are typically their own worst critics. Through the methods of Beach Walk Talk, I can help you to overcome your anxiety, worry, or even depression, that may accompany being at the top of your profession. We will work together so you feel less isolated, regain your passion for work and life, and can make real connections with others, whether they are family, friends, or colleagues. Beach Walk Talk is a short-term solution-focused model that can fit around your busy schedule and help you to get back on track with where you want to be in life.